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Street Art as a Platform for Sex Positivity
Street Art and Sex Positivity
Impact of Sex-Positive Street Art
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Our mission

At Tucson Arts Brigade, our mission transcends city limits. We are devoted to curating and sharing awe-inspiring street art from around the globe, fostering a global community of passionate individuals united by their love for urban expression. Beyond showcasing the world’s most compelling murals, we’re committed to nurturing a space where enthusiasts converge.

Through insightful blog posts, we also do our best to guide beginners into the vibrant world of street art, empowering them to explore their own creative journey. Join us in celebrating the diverse tapestry of street art and building a community where passion knows no borders.

Entries from our Blog

  • Carter Cruise (Pornstar) learns to graffiti

    Carter Cruise (Pornstar) learns to graffiti

    In the vibrant world of self-expression, individuals often find unexpected paths to explore their creativity. Carter Cruise is known for her presence in the adult entertainment industry especially in Spain with all the videos de sexo she has done.

    Recently she has embarked on a fascinating journey into the world of graffiti art and teamed up with a street artist to learn how to throw tags.

    In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing transition Carter Cruise has made, exploring the motivations, challenges, and impact of her foray into street art.

  • Essential Graffiti Supplies for Beginners

    Essential Graffiti Supplies for Beginners

    Graffiti, often misunderstood as mere vandalism, has evolved into a respected art form. If you’re a beginner eager to dive into the world of graffiti, choosing the right supplies is crucial for honing your skills and creating impactful art. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essential graffiti supplies every beginner should consider.

    Graffiti isn’t just about spray-painting walls; it’s a form of self-expression, a unique way to leave your mark on the world. As a beginner, understanding the basics and having the right tools can make your journey into graffiti more enjoyable and rewarding.

  • A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide to Street Art and Graffiti

    A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide to Street Art and Graffiti

    In the heart of bustling cities, an underground movement thrives, transforming blank walls and forgotten alleyways into vibrant canvases. Street art and graffiti, once synonymous with rebellion, have evolved into respected forms of artistic expression that captivated both artists and passersby. If you’re a fledgling artist eager to inject your creativity into the urban landscape, this comprehensive beginner’s guide to street art will serve as your compass through the intricate realm of colors, techniques, and urban narratives.

  • Street Art as a Platform for Sex Positivity

    Street Art as a Platform for Sex Positivity

    Sex positivity is about embracing and celebrating all forms of consensual sexual expression. One place where this celebration of sexuality is taking place is in the world of street art. Public art is a powerful tool that can be used to promote sex positivity and challenge outdated and harmful attitudes toward sexuality.

    Today, street art is recognized as a legitimate form of art, and artist in many countries (like brazil) are creating impressive artworks that could be considered filme pornĂ´ for some of the locals, but its street art that continue to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in public spaces!

  • Evolution of Street Art Through Time

    Evolution of Street Art Through Time

    Street art is a form of artistic expression that is typically created in public spaces such as walls, buildings, and sidewalks. It encompasses a variety of styles, techniques, and mediums, and has evolved significantly over time. From its origins as a form of rebellion and vandalism to its current status as a legitimate art form, street art has undergone many changes throughout history.

    In this blog post, we will explore the evolution of street art through time and examine how it has become an important means of expression and social commentary.

  • Jazz History: The Mysterious Swing from New Orleans

    Jazz History: The Mysterious Swing from New Orleans

    Jazz is a musical style that was born in the USA in the New Orleans region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    With its roots in African-American culture, jazz has a non-linear rhythm, and its main characteristic is improvisation. As the years went by, many sub-genres emerged from this same root.

    It is also important to highlight the great relationship between jazz and blues music styles.

  • The power of street art in the modern world

    The power of street art in the modern world

    Street Art has become an essential part of our urban culture. From graffiti to murals, artists from around the world create their masterpieces to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

    In the last decade, Street Artists have become a source of inspiration for millions of people worldwide.

    They have created unique pieces of art that have transformed cities into colorful canvases. Street Art has become a powerful tool for social change.

    Some artists have gone beyond simply creating a piece of artwork and have used their talents to raise awareness and encourage activism.

  • The Tucson Mural Program

    The Tucson Mural Program

    On September 2018, the City of Tucson approved proposals from artists interested in produced murals in the downtown area.

    The City of Tucson is devoted to producing a lively, safe and fascinating greater midtown. As we pursue that objective, it is a top priority to improve blighted areas, strengthen the regional culture, and also offer a visually-friendly atmosphere for locals and site visitors to eat, store, job, and also live.

  • Mural art for your living room

    Mural art for your living room

    A mural is an art piece that is painted or applied on a wall or other flat surfaces. If you are willing to kind of apply what you see in street mural arts, there are some tips you should follow, despite that it won’t ever be 100% similar to what you see outside, there are ways to transform your inside home mural painting into a piece of art.

Meet the Team

Meet the incredible minds behind the scenes, bringing Tucson Arts Brigade to life. Our dedicated team is a diverse collective of creative enthusiasts united by a shared passion for graffiti and street art.

Blaze Thompson, graffiti artist

Blaze Thompson

Our visionary force at Tucson Arts Brigade. Blaze seamlessly blends artistic flair with strategic brilliance, shaping the essence of our platform. With a passion for dynamic street art.

Maya Anderson, graffiti artist

Maya Anderson

Our Social Media Maven, adds a vibrant touch to Tucson Arts Brigade. With a keen eye for captivating street art and a passion for connecting with the global graffiti community.

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