The power of street art in the modern world

The power of street art in the modern world

Street Art has become an essential part of our urban culture.

From graffiti to murals, artists from around the world create their masterpieces to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

In the last decade, Street Artists have become a source of inspiration for millions of people worldwide.

They have created unique pieces of art that have transformed cities into colorful canvases.

Street Art has become a powerful tool for social change.

Some artists have gone beyond simply creating a piece of artwork and have used their talents to raise awareness and encourage activism.

Street artists are taking over cities around the world. They paint murals, graffiti, portraits, and more.

But what makes these paintings so special? And why does it take years for them to go up? Let’s find out!

What makes street art so special?

Street Artists Are Taking Over Cities Around The World

In the past few decades, street artists have become increasingly popular. From Paris to London to San Francisco, people are flocking to see the latest pieces.

Why are they so fascinated with street art?

It’s because street artists are changing their city. They’re bringing beauty to places that would otherwise look boring. Their artwork has improved the quality of life for everyone who lives near them.

And their art isn’t just limited to walls. They’re creating sculptures, murals, portraits, and more that add value to buildings, parks, restaurants, and everywhere else in between.

Muralists Change The Way We Look At A Building

When we walk through an area, we don’t usually stop to take notice of the building itself. Instead, we’re too busy walking, talking, shopping, etc.

But when we pass a mural, we slow down and take a second to admire the work.

Graffiti Artist Changes How We View Our Neighborhood

A piece of graffiti reminds us that we live in a community. One person wrote something witty, another added color, and someone else made sure that no one gets hurt when they jump off the wall.

It Turns Ordinary Places Into Beautiful Works Of Art

We often take pictures of our surroundings without realizing it. But street artists capture moments that we wouldn’t normally get to see. These photos remind us that we should enjoy every moment.

Artist Paints Portraits That Inspire Us To Be Better People

Sometimes, the most inspiring thing we can see is ourselves. An artist paints a portrait of themselves that shows us what they see when they look in the mirror. This gives us hope that we can become better versions of ourselves.

A basic introduction to the world of street art

Street art has become a powerful tool used to express political views, spread awareness, and bring attention to issues in society. The following section explores the history, techniques, and benefits of street art.


Street art began in the 1960s when artists started using graffiti to express their political views. This was done by tagging buildings, walls, and streets. In San Francisco, artists were encouraged to paint murals on the sides of buildings to promote freedom of expression.

In the 1980s, street artists started painting outside of cities and creating works of urban art. Artists such as Keith Haring created his famous paintings of dancers and children. These pieces were displayed throughout the world, bringing attention to the plight of AIDS patients.


The most common technique used in street art involves stenciling. A stencil is a piece of paper that is cut out to resemble a picture. Then, it is placed over a surface and painted on. Stencils are often used together to form a mural.

Another popular technique used in street art is spray painting. Spray paints are easily available at any hardware store. When sprayed onto canvas, these paints give off a high gloss finish.


Street art helps to foster community spirit. People feel connected to the environment around them through its unique style and message. It can also be used to raise awareness about specific issues. For example, street artist Shepard Fairey created a poster for the Obama campaign that became very popular.

Street art is becoming increasingly popular. People enjoy the variety of styles and messages that are portrayed. They also love the fact that street art is non-commercial. No one profits from it, and everyone is treated equally.

Some examples of street art and murals

Street art and activism

Street Art has become a massive movement around the world, and it’s not just limited to the streets. Today we explore how artists are using their talents to make change in the community.

Street Art has become a massive worldwide movement. From London to Paris, Tokyo to Los Angeles, New York City to Sydney, cities across the globe are becoming increasingly creative in their approach to urban design.

This means that the streets themselves are being transformed into canvases upon which artists can paint their visions. The result? A beautiful cityscape dotted with colorful murals and graffiti.

It wasn’t always this way though. In fact, as recently as the 1980s, when I first moved to San Francisco, street art was practically unheard of.

But since then, the practice has exploded across the globe, and today it’s become a part of our daily lives.

In the past few years alone, street art has gone from being “just graffiti” to something far more complex.

Artists now use street art as a form of activism, bringing attention to issues such as climate change, poverty, inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, police brutality, war, and so much more.

Even in areas where street art isn’t officially allowed, artists continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Today, we take a look at three artists who are using art to bring awareness to important issues, and inspire change in the communities they live in.

#1 – Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is probably most famous for his iconic Barack Obama poster. He made history when he created the original image of Obama as he went on to win the 2008 presidential election.

His work has been featured everywhere from billboards to album covers, and he even designed the official poster for the 2012 Olympics.

Fairey started out as a graphic designer, but after seeing the power of art to change society, he decided to go in a very different direction.

He began creating posters promoting various political causes, including the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Black Lives Matter.

He has also done work for organizations such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and the National Wildlife Federation.

In addition to making posters, Fairey has also produced music videos, animated shorts, and even a documentary.

#2 – Banksy

Banksy is a British artist whose works are mainly satirical. Although he doesn’t reveal his identity.

His work includes everything from paintings to drawings, installations to sculptures, stencils to stickers, and even films! If you visit any major tourist attraction in the world, odds are good that you’ll see one of his pieces somewhere nearby.

Since the early 2000s, Banksy has been painting murals and making other kinds of artwork around the world. Many of his pieces feature themes like politics, religion, and human rights. He’s also used his art as a tool to protest