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Treat Eco Walkway Mosaic
Treat Eco Walkway Mosaic © 2016 Broadway-Broadmore Village Neighborhood/Tucson Mural Arts Program Location: 3800 Block Arroyo Chico
"Hummingbirds" © 2016 Valeria Hutchings/Tucson Arts Brigade Tucson Mural Arts Program Location: 939 N 10th Ave
"Dreamer" © 2015 Jeane Cohen/Tucson Arts Brigade Tucson Mural Arts Program Location: 939 N 10th Ave
"Dreamers" © 2015 Alice Glasser/Tucson Arts Brigade Tucson Mural Arts Program Location: 939 N 10th Ave
Treat Eco Walkway Mosaic
Treat Eco Walkway Mosaic © 2016 Broadway-Broadmore Village Neighborhood/Tucson Mural Arts Program Location: 3800 Block Arroyo Chico
Amphi Action Mural
Amphi Action Mural ©2013 TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program 8’ x 31’ 3455 1st Ave.Tucson, AZ N Facing Wall, Designed and Painted with youth from the neighborhood.
Hope Beyond Conflict Mural
Hope Beyond Conflict Mural © 2003 6’ x 18’, designed and painted by 24 University students from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities.
Inside the Overpass
Inside the Overpass 2009 29th Street and Columbus Blvd. ©Tucson Arts Brigade/Tucson Mural Arts Program
Inside the Overpass
Inside the Overpass 2009 29th Street and Columbus Blvd. ©Tucson Arts Brigade/Tucson Mural Arts Program
Miracle Manor Neighborhood Story Mural
Miracle Manor Neighborhood Story Mural 2010 ©TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program S & K Market, at 2520 N. 15th Avenue, Size: 14’ x 62’ Included after school workshops, elder shares, community paint day and neighborhood organizing.
Welcome to Tucson Mural
Welcome to Tucson Mural 2013 ©TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program Size: 22 x 80 x 8 5600 Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ City of Tucson, Tucson Clean & Beautiful & McDonalds Corp. The mural includes 2 sides of the pedestrian overpass.
Building Community
Building Community ©1998 TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program painted by 30 3-5th grade students (used to be on Pennington & Scott)
Together We Thrive
Together We Thrive © 2013 TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program Acrylics on Stucco Size: 18’ x 58’ (detail) 316 N 4th Ave. Tucson, AZ
Barrio Centro History Mural
Barrio Centro History Mural 2011 © TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program 6’ x 178’ (Detail) Location: 2712 E. 22nd Street, Tucson AZ
Bronx Wash Community Mural
Bronx Wash Community Mural © 2009 TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Prorgam Size: 8’ x 32’ Location: 4th Ave. and Linden, Tucson, AZ Northwest Neighborhood Association Pro Neighborhoods, Tucson Mural Arts Program
Sasha Lewis
Sasha Lewis
Niki Glen
Niki Glen
Johanna Hand
Johanna Hand
Ruben Moreno
Ruben Moreno
Porter McDonald
Porter McDonald

Goal: match walls with artists and sponsors.

Do you have a wall that needs a mural? Are you a mural artist? Are you a business, organization or individual who would like to sponsor a mural?

The Tucson Mural Arts Program maintains a database of artists and available walls, both public and private, for upcoming mural projects.

If you would like to request a mural, offer a wall for a mural, send us the location and fill out the Mural Request Form.

You may also email us at

Murals are a great way to invest in your community and leave a legacy. Sponsor a mural and showcase Tucson’s most talented artists in a citywide outdoor gallery that beautifies and unifies our unique community.

"Tucson Mural Arts Program has created many beautiful public art displays throughout the City while simultaneously helping delinquent youth straighten out their lives and put their talents to constructive use. It has long been my wish to see TMAP outreach expanded."

- Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

Trash Container Mural Demonstration Project


 On Friday, February 5, 2016, the City of Tucson Environmental Services Department unveild and began delivery of five metal trash containers that have been painted with murals as part of an effort to reduce graffiti.  Environmental Services contracted with the Tucson Arts Brigade to coordinate the project. Additional funding was provided by the Graffiti Resource Council in Washington, DC.
Five Tucson artists have designed and painted the trash containers which will be provided to businesses that have a high potential for graffiti and tagging. The City, working with the Tucson Arts Brigade hopes the program will also improve urban aesthetics and ultimately save taxpayers money on graffiti abatement.

Five artists were selected from 44 applicants who ranged from established painters to first-time muralists. The artists are Johanna Hand, Sasha Lewis, Niki Glen, Porter McDonald and Ruben Moreno. The city provided $5,000 in funding for the pilot program, which was matched by the Graffiti Resource Council, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit vandalism prevention organization.
Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik said, “City leaders have been working on this program for quite some time. Even though such initiatives may not end the exorbitant cost of graffiti abatement, they can potentially help save money as well as beautify the city.”
The unveiling of the trash containers will be held in the parking lot, behind the Chicago Store in downtown Tucson on Friday, February 5, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. All five of the trash containers will be on display before being delivered to the business customers participating in the program.

The Tucson Arts Brigade received a total of 44 applications for the Trash Container Mural Art Demonstration Project sponsored by the City of Tucson Environmental Services Department (ESD) and Graffiti Resource Council, with logistical and administrative support provided by GARDEN Inc. This was a very difficult decision and we were so impressed with all the submissions. These artists are helping to demonstrate that there are plenty of talented artists available to paint murals that will beautify and unify our community and help to reduce the maintenance costs of City property.

Five artists, Niki Glen, Johanna Hand, Sasha Lewis, Porter McDonald, Ruben Moreno were selected through a peer-reviewed panel process by seven panelists who represented diverse sectors of our community through their affiliation with the Tucson Arts Brigade (TAB). Their designs will be submitted to ES for final review on Nov. 10 2015, and then we move on to the painting phase. Works will be completed in December 2015.

This is an exciting moment for Tucson, as we strive towards a permanent city wide, year round, youth based After School Mural Arts Program.

Read More about this story in a series of articles in the Arizona Daily Star by David J. Del Grande:

 - Dec. 4, 2015 Mural Program Seeks to Beautify and Unify

 - Aug. 1, 2015 Embracing Graffitti Arts could help contain it, save Tucson money


The Tucson Mural Arts Program is a results-based beautification program that involves residents of all ages in the design and painting of murals. We offer a viable solution to graffiti, social isolation and property damage by working with our community to collaboratively create works of art.

Through our innovative design process we bring together youth, elders, long time residents, neighborhood associations, schools, social service providers, community centers and businesses. Our public murals follow a fun, inclusive civic engagement and approval process. Our curriculum integrates the City of Tucson process for accepting works of art and the TPAC Public Art and Community Design Committee process.

Mural Arts Program

Mural Gallery

Tucson Mural Arts Program: Wall Call

Downtown Mural Project

Iconic Downtown Murals Become Destinations

The Downtown Mural Project has been a huge success. There have been numerous stories in the press and social media is on fire. This program comes after years of hard work, experimentation and the perfect timing. Our most recent collaborations have brought joy, inspiration, dialogue, excitement and energy to our downtown. Hundreds of people are coming downtown to see the murals, thousands more are talking about them. This is much more on the way, stay tuned!

This artwork is inspired by Tucson’s rich cultural diversity, history and urban fabric. The project started back in late January on the heels of the Environmental Services mural project, and the new Traffic Control Box mural initiative.  The Arts Brigade issued a statewide call for Mural Artists to submit works, the selection committee, which included Julie Sasse Chief Curator Tucson Museum of Art, Ceci Garcia and Susan Silverman from the Tucson Pima Arts Council Public Art Committee,  Mary Lou Thompson of Tierra Antigua Realty and Brandi Haga-Blackman of the Downtown Tucson Partnership reviewed 58 applicants work. As you can see we were seeking muralists that would uphold the highest professional standards of quality, with delightful and inspiring themes.

We want to especially thank the Tohono O’odham Nation, Visit Tucson and Arts Brigade supporters for funding this project. Our partners Graffiti Protective Coatings, Park Tucson, and the Downtown Tucson Partnership provided critical in-kind services. This project would have been impossible without the hard work and dedication of Sabrina Wilson, our assistant project manager. Our artists included, Ignacio Garcia, Niki Glen, To-Ree-Nee Wolf, Rock Martinez assisted by Cristina Perez, Jessica Gonzales, Luis Mena and Isaac Caruso.

Thank you also to the Businesses and property wall owners: Rialto Theatre, City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Department, 5 North 5th Hotel, Café 54, Wig-o-Rama, Century Link and John Wesley Miller

Arts Brigade Proposal Creates Jobs While Reducing City Deficit

The Tucson Arts Brigade (TAB) and Tucson Mural Arts Program is delighted to announce that a seven year campaign to hire Artists to paint murals on Traffic Control Boxes was approved Tuesday night by Tucson City Council.

TAB designed this program so that anyone can now hire artists to paint these murals, creating more jobs and reducing our City deficit. We made the case over the past 7 years by showing that murals require less resources to maintain than blank surfaces.

You can learn more by following this link which outlines instructions for applying to this opportunity: CLICK HERE
This is phase three of a five phase initiative designed to Hire Artists to Work in Schools, Neighborhoods and Community Centers using common sense economics. Phase 1 were the City of Tucson Environmental Services Trash Container Murals, Phase 2 the City Wide Mural Program, this is Phase 3, Phase 4-5 revolve around a City Wide After School Arts Education Program.

Thank you to the Ward 3 staff and Council Member Kozachik for making this dream a reality. Thank you also to Ward 1 and our dear friends at Tucson Pima Arts Council for their support on this proposal.

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