Multi Neighborhood Coalition Coalition members continue to meet with city policy makers and leaders to clear the roadblocks to creating a City Wide Year Round Mural Arts Program that Hires Artists to Work in Schools Neighborhoods and Community Centers.


"TAB has created many beautiful public art displays throughout the City while simultaneously helping delinquent youth straighten out their lives and put their talents to constructive use. It has long been my wish to see TMAP outreach expanded."
    - Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

"Engaging youth from our neighborhoods is an excellent example of art in action and this project has the potential to impact the lives of so many young people."

    - AZ HR. Rep. Steve Farley, District 28

"Our collaborations with TAB has been so successful, that we want to continue to help engage our youth, elders and other community members in meaningful, creative group activities that promote pride and community involvement for the neighborhoods in our coalition. "

     - 4 R'S Coalition

I was a visiting artist with Tucson Arts Brigade in 2004 when I spent a wonderful week facilitating workshops in diverse communities around Tucson.  The workshops also helped me refine and deepen my own artistic process and my ways of participating in community art.

       - Janet Goldner, Artist NYC

"I feel that I have a very vivid imagination, but transferring that to something tangible, that's the part where I kind of shut down, but Michael has this great way of getting you to see things that you don't necessarily see and to be easy on yourself. If you're a control freak, this is a great exercise, because there are so many people who are part of it, and you have to realize that it's not going to just be what's in your head. Once you let that go, really beautiful things happen."
    - Rashida H., Collective Imprints Project

“Art has saved my life more than once, I need to thank Michael for that, and I feel I'm a better person because of it, and am able to see more beauty in this world than I ever thought possible. You probably have no idea how much that means to me, thank you so much for everything!”
   - 16 year old, TAB student

I just wanted to share with the group how meaningful my experience was today with the seeds for life brainstorming. Too infrequently do groups of people sit around casually, sharing the importance of seeds, growth, decay, and cycle with one another. Too infrequently do I find myself awash with inspiration by the broccoli sprouts in my makeshift cardboard greenhouse. Thanks to all of you.
    - Nate, participant

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think the arts brigade is, and how much this community needs this group. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks again.
    – Carrie V., participant

“Look, I see rhythm in the clouds of this painting!”
   – 6-year-old, TAB student



TUCSON ARTS BRIGADE (TAB) is a nonprofit participatory service-based community mural arts and education organization that specializes in offering youth, intergenerational and cross-cultural opportunities for civic and social engagement. TAB facilitates dialogue and employs arts-based solutions to complex community issues ranging from isolation, bullying, health and wellness to empowering youth and elders, beautification, sustainable design, and revitalizing neighborhoods. Bringing together schools, neighborhoods, civic agencies, businesses, and other non-profits, TAB is a national model for sustainable community development through the arts. TAB’s award-winning, nationally-recognized Community Arts Integration programs help students, neighborhoods and families accomplish goals with measurable results.


TUCSON ARTS BRIGADE, INC. (TAB) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) mural arts and education organization dedicated to participatory community arts with an emphasis on integrating sustainable design and facilitating inter-group opportunities for youth, elders, and adults.

the Arts Brigade Story

OUR HISTORY: 1996 - 2019 Celebrating 23 Years of Community Arts

1996: Over severnty five artists gathered for a one day conference in November of 1996. We identified gaps in services, and began the process of establishing a Mural Arts Proragm. To date TAB has sponsored more than 100 temporary and permanent public art projects and provided the Tucson community with learning, service and neighborhood cultural development opportunities. Our philosophy of whole-person, whole-community development means working as a team with parents, students, artists, teachers, community leaders and service providers to develop projects.

1997-9: Our early projects included huge participatory street chalk murals during "Downtown With the Arts" at night. For three years (1997-9) we facilitated puppet making workshops, and an annual "May Day Puppet Parade and Festival". We met in people's garages and living rooms to plan and design murals such as "We Give Birth to Choice Each Day" and "Gaia Project".

1998 to 2004: TAB operated the Community Arts Lab (CAL) in the historic Splinter Brother Warehouse. CAL was a classroom, library, office, community center, theater and gallery. Neighborhood people offered workshops, designed murals, held benefits, storytelling nights and coffee house events. Workshops were facilitated by emerging and established artists offering hands on technical training in beginning and advanced fresco, painting, drawing, printmaking, design, sculpture, performance art, video and photography. Each summer we held a packed summer “Mural Arts Camp” that resulted in mobile and permanent works of community art.

2005: TAB began a strategic planning and visioning process aimed at creating a sustainability plan that would insure long term organizational success in bringing community arts and cultural development to schools, neighborhoods and community centers. To advance this mission TAB has been developing programs that will pave the way to hire artists to work in schools, community centers and neighborhoods throughout Pima County.

2016: TAB began a partnership with the City of Tucson on our Mural Arts Prorgam. Our goal was to beautify and unify Tucson, while creating jobs for artists to work in schools, neighborhoods, community centers and other places they are needed. This collaboartion ended in March of 2018 following great sucesses, and the program transfered to another organization.

2018: TAB forms a multi Neighborhood Coalition to address neighborhood Public Art concerns, and joins with the National U.S. Department of Arts and Culture to continue to advocate for neighborhood arts and culture progamming. Our city wide mural program continues to match mural artists, wall owners and resources.

2019: The second in a series of Downtown Murals with four new murals.



Michael Schwartz
Violet Kasser-Pirzadeh
Rose Taulton
Willa Ahlschwede
Valeria K Hutchings
Jacob Glinsk


Kat Anderson, Muralist, AK
Melissa Black, CA
Dora Estella Dalton, AZ
Elisa Duran, NM
Arlene Goldbard, NM
Mark Higgins (PCC,UA) Research Specialist *, AZ
Augustin Igulu, AZ
Wendy Kenin, Green Doula*, CA
Marvin Kirchler, Hem & Her*, AZ
Kathleen Lavoie (TUSD) Teacher *, AZ
Alanna Luna, Movie Producer/Director at Sonic Geometry*, AZ
Jon McLane, Vets Rescue Mission*, AZ
Sadie Shaw, AZ
Susan Silverman, G.A.R.D.E.N. Inc.*, AZ
Cecilia Vindiola, AZ
German Quiroga, Pategonia Museum*, AZ
Roseann Weiss, MO

PAST INTERNS (2010 - 2017)

Emily Conway
Audrey Gusick
Valeria Hutchings
Victor Anthony Lopez Carmen
Gina Meyer
Francis Smith
Pua Trice
Gene M. Trujillo
Sabrina Wilson

MURAL ARTISTS (2015 - 19)

(Not all artists have websites)

Isaac Caruso

Jeanie Cohen

Ignacio Garcia
Alice Rose Glasser
Niki Glen 

Jessica Gonzales
Valeria Hutchings
Sasha Lewis

Rock "Cyi Fi" Martinez
Porter McDonald

Luis Mena
Ruben Moreno

Cristina Perez

Racheal Rios
Michael B. Schwartz

Miss Hazard

Carlos Valenzuela

To-Ree-Nee Wolf



Manuel Abril
Tempest Alabi-Isama
Valerie Constantino
Victor Escobedo
Niki Glen
Janet Goldner
Linda Kerr
Angela Kershaw
Rebecca Klug
Denize Lehman
Susan Link
Molly Moore
Jodi Netzer
Tania Gonzalez Ortega
Dawne Osborne
Barbara Mocking
Navvab Munirih
Victor Navarro
Steven Renzi
Ron Sakolski
Howard Salmon**
Paul Santoleri
Michael B. Schwartz
Laura Lee Schaeffer
Glory Tacheenie-Campoy
Linda Ulen**

* Institutional affiliation for identification only
**In memoriam

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